Since his 1995 debut of Dance Of The Iguana and six CD releases: Focus (‘00), Playing Out (‘04), By Request (‘08), Guitartistry, Christmas (’11) and Blended (‘13) on his label DAB Music, guitarist DAVE BAKER has been entertaining his growing number of loyal fans for more than 20 years both on record and in person. He has compiled 20 of his most popular recordings from the past 20 years. Dave has carefully remixed, edited and remastered all of the tunes. He has included some additional parts on a few tracks and deleted some parts on others for a more dynamic musical experience.

Dave demonstrates his proficient right hand technique, melody chord interpretations and melodic diverse styles played on nylon string guitars. From solo guitar tracks to guitar and cello duos with (Rich Kurtz), guitar and bass duos with (Lenny Fatigati and Rich Kurtz) to full accompaniments along with drummer (Bob Farina), percussionist (Ron Mortillite), keyboardists (Dean Schneider, Denis Brousse, Walter Runge) and saxophonist (Howard Isaacson), there is literally something for all to enjoy. He has included jazz, Latin and cover tunes from days past through present along with his greatly enjoyed originals.

Track 20 is a newly recorded version of “Everything She Does Is Magic” (featuring Rich Kurtz on bass).

Total playing time is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Remixed and remastered by Richard Kurtz at
Cadence Music, Absecon, NJ,

Cover Photo: Gaeton Goffredo

© 2015 DAB Music

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