Dance Of The Iguana


A Southwestern sun sets upon a busy world, changing the colors of the earth.  A coolness prevades the senses.  Grace returns to the otherwise ugly forms and with sensual intertwining melodies, a ‘Dance Of The Igauna’ proceeds.  Floating guitar lines and challenging compositional concepts mark guitarist Dave Bake’s debut, ‘Dance Of The Igauna’.  Baker’s breezy jazz/fussion stylings slither straight from the ear and into the heart.
Dave Baker consistently allows himself the latitude to soothe, swing and scintillate the listener . This versatility is evidenced by the classical guitar groove of ‘Mirage’…  the singing, ringing accoustic guitar finger-picking of ‘Dawn Before Dusk’… the Joplin-esque ‘Robs Rag’… and the straight ahead jazz of ‘Autumn Leaves’.
Dance Of The Iguana is an album that grows with each listening, and Dave Baker is an artist that grows with each passing day.

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